Faceless Ghost


Night Watch

Lt. Henry O. Flipper, the first Black graduate of West Point and officer of the 10th Cavalry, was the object of hatred by fellow officers.

Not only fighting battles on the fields, the Negro soldiers had to face resentment and anger among their own rank and files.

As the Black Soldier proved his worth, general though reluctant acceptance became the rule, although discrimination persisted until the end of the war.

The Faceless  Buffalo Soldier painting represents the many brave Negro Soldiers who died for freedom in the Union Army.

The records reveal one simple face -that the Ninth and Tenth Cavalry were first rate regiments and major forces in promoting peace and advancing civilization along American's last Continental Frontier.

The thriving cities and towns, the fertile fields and the natural beauty of that once wild land are monuments to the black soldiers who helped build and kept watch over this Great County.

With smooth, gracious strokes, coupled with the chromaticity that befits a master artist, Barbara Cox Jackson creates her most prolific pieces...

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