A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Barbara has received her degree in Commercial Art & Graphic Design from Atlanta Technical Community College.  Shortly after that in 1977, she moved to West Germany where she first began to paint.  After years of traveling and exploring other careers, including Director of a sales force of personal consultants, she finally settled into her niche as an Artist and in 1995 established her own personal business.

"Bringing Life's Images to Canvas" is her company logo.  Her market concept, combined with an exhibition format, creates an atmosphere that promotes an informative, educational, cultural and profitable exchange between the Artist and the public.

Barbara employs a unique blending of hand, finger and brush technique to bring her images to life, which enables her viewers to experience original works and interact with the artist, Barbara is able to inspire confidence in those who desire to explore the field of Art & Design as a career.

Mrs. Cox adds to her credits numerous awards, exhibitions, and recognitions for community service involving the arts.

Barbara Cox Jackson - Visual Artist


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